Day porter service Tyler TX

How can Office Pride’s day porter service Tyler TX help your business? We work more than just keeping your facility clean; we can make it become more attractive to business prospects. Remember that a clean office creates a great impression, which is an important factor to attract more potential clients. With a proven effective organizing and building maintenance process we have, we can give your building a fresh new look and appealing ambience.

Day porter service Tyler TX

Services provided by day porters

Building maintenance tasks. Our day porters help businesses in fixing any aesthetic and structural issues that occur inside their facility. We can also provide maintenance works for the exterior of a facility such as power washing and removing or covering graffiti, painting the wall and repair damaged or chipped trim work.

Garbage disposals. Companies need to properly manage their garbage in order to maintain the cleanliness and the overall aesthetic feature of their facility. With our day porter service Tyler TX, garbage inside the facility, in sidewalks, and walkways are disposed of properly before they can become a bigger problem as they pile up over a period of time.

Parking lot maintenance. This is yet another area of consideration for most businesses. A well-maintained parking area is a necessity for both employees and clients. Office Pride acknowledges this need and our day porters are readily available to provide a parking lot the maintenance it needs. We can sweep falling leaves and clear debris such as fallen tree branches. We can also power wash your parking lot on a regular basis for stain removal.

Garden maintenance. To keep the aesthetic appeal of the area outside your facility, our day porters make sure that flower beds are well-maintained by removing or trimming unwanted grasses, putting plant replacements, and the like.

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